The Men’s Style Instagram Pose That Must Be Stopped

It’s the male equivalent of duck lips. It’s gone the worst kind of viral on Instagram. And now it’s taking over red carpets and wedding photos. It’s the #menswear wrist-grab, and it must be stopped.

Look, we get it. In the instant required for you to hit a pose for an Instagram outfit photo, there’s no room for hesitation. The mantle of dressing like an unrepentant swag lord can be a heavy burden, right? No doubt. And an outfit so flames that it compromises the emotional welfare of onlookers—hey, that justifies a pic. Such is your journey.

But nothing dampens the sartorial majesty of your lightweight jacket, those shoes, them jeans, your fade, and that very, very rare watch quite like a prison mug and the tedious habit that seems to have been picked up by 100 percent of well-dressed human men on the Internet: the wrist-grab.

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